About Us

Who We Are

CauseFunders.org is the West Coast affiliate of The National Foundation for Local Charities, Inc. (“NFFLC”). NFFLC  is a non-profit organization that promotes giving back to the community through non-profit organizations that reflect the interests of local communities.

  • Our Foundation supports a variety of non-profit causes across the United States through our partnership with CauseTravel, where traveling supports the chosen causes.

What We Do

Through our partnership with Cause Travel we can generate funds by people doing something they are already doing, at the same guaranteed low price, funds can go directly to these important local charities from every travel booking made, without requiring out of pockets cost to the supporters.

  • We provide the online booking platform customized to our nonprofit client

What the Nonprofit Does

Have your supporters book their hotels and travel-related activities  through your nonprofit’s branded CauseTravel.com website

  • As your nonprofit brings travelers to their branded travel website iit earns generous revenues from every booking

John D. Hipsley

Co-Founder, CEO

Don Carrig

Co-Founder, VP Business Development