Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about CauseFunders.

How much does it cost?

The program operates at ZERO-COST to most nonprofit organizations.

Will our travel site be more expensive than other booking sites?

No. CauseTravel™ does not raise rates to fund the return to nonprofits. They offer the same pricing as Priceline™, as well as their Low Price Guarantee.

This guarantee protects your supporter’s purchase and takes the worry out of booking online. If they find a cheaper rate on their hotel reservation within 24 hours of making a booking with us, CauseTravel™ will refund 100% of the difference. Terms and a simple claims form are available to supporters on every travel website.

How much money will my organization or cause receive?

For every travel booking made through your site, you will receive a commission from CauseTravel™ of up to 6%. Commissions on paid bookings are automatically paid to your organization each month.

According to Priceline’s™ marketing research, organizations should expect travel bookings from 5% of their supporters per month, at an average of $220 a booking.

Visit our Travel Program page for a calculator which can determine your nonprofit’s potential revenues per month (based on 6% of sales).

Is the exact amount to be received confirmed at the time of booking?

The exact amount of the donation will be confirmed as soon as the booking is fully completed, which is when the traveler checks out of their hotel. Once this has been completed we will then post the amount to your account and send you the traveler an email with the exact amount of money transferred from their respective booking.

How can I add a site for my favorite cause?

A contact person from the charity can register their charity. Please feel free to contact the organization you’d like to support and ask them to register their charity on our site.

How can my organization sign up for a travel site?

Signing up for your travel site is very easy. You simply provide us with contact details, a logo and a short description of your cause and/or its mission. We then set up your account and you are ready to promote it to your membership and/or supporters.

How do I track my organization’s earnings?

Upon signup you are provided with a secure account login area where you can view commissions earned. This area also includes links to downloadable marketing materials.

How soon do I see my earning in my account?

Your stats do not include the current day’s bookings, and therefore aren’t real-time. Reservations booked today will load into the stats at the end of the day, typically anywhere from midnight to 2AM Central US time.

When do I receive my commissions?

On the 12th of each month, we calculate your total commissions accrued since your last payment (or if you have not received a payment yet, since the time you joined our program). Commission payments are then sent on the 22nd by postal mail, to causes who have accrued over $50 in their account. If your account does not have more than $50 in accrued commissions when our monthly calculation takes place, your accrued commissions will continue to rollover monthly until the $50 minimum is met.

How does my cause or organization qualify?

Any cause can create their own travel site as long as they have a person responsible for the management of the organization.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@causefunders.org or call us on 1.714.931.5070

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